This training camp is designed to push you to your limit’s, it is designed to take you out of your comfort zone, testing your endurance, strength, ability to work within a team, test your ability to think under pressure, identify leadership, attitude and so on. Preparation is important but we assure you that nothing will prepare you for this program if you don’t have the right attitude – It helps to be open minded, to be positive, to listen, to follow instructions and give it your all to the best of your ability.

The Weekend Warriors Challenge is a military style delivered program designed to test individuals and groups. This challenge is made up of three levels – Basic (6hrs), Standard (12hrs) or Advanced (24hrs). This challenge is normally run from our gym as the base headquarters but we are able to run at a location of your preference too. We do have a 4th level which is the Elite level known as the Weekend Warrior 48 hour Elimination Challenge. Only those who have completed a 24 hour challenge earn a spot on this Elite Challenge. No one in the 48 Hour challenge is guaranteed to survive the challenge therefore it is up to you to train for this level.

There are many benefits to our program which include; making new friends, creating great memories for yourself and your friends, learning about yourself is always something we see, learning how to overcome obstacles and adversities, learning about leadership, learning about different ways to communicate, learning about your body and mind and how far you can endure pain, how far you can push whilst under pressure and when you are deprived of sleep and food.

Not only are the benefits powerful and positive, the challenge is led and hosted by a former member of the NZDF Special Operations Force (1NZSASGP) and former National & International Outrigger World Champion Paddler & Coach, who not only understands various group and individual dynamics, but can adjust a program in real time as a result of how people and groups respond to various challenges at various times of the challenge.

With the right guidance, we will guide you and help you to see why mental & physical connection is important and how to apply this to take you to the next another level giving you more quality to everyday life.

We have taken a number of Sports teams, Corporate Groups and Youth who have used us have because of our unique leadership and delivery style. We have also assisted coaches with team selections – making sure each player in the squad is the right fit for their vision, so if you are looking for a test that brings the best, the worst and the unexpected out of you, don’t look any further, I invite you to have the courage to take the step many have before you and come an experience the Weekend Warrior Challenge – How will you know what you are capable of if you come don’t find out?